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Friday, November 26, 2010

Quotes of the Week

Yow. I've really fallen down on the job this week. Blame it on the holidays. Here's my catch-up post for the laste several days:

Tuesday's Quote (Nov 23):

After a trying day at the office it is always a mistake to start an argument before you've had at least one drink.

She Shall Have Murder (p. 27)
by Delano Ames

Wednesday's Quote (Nov 24):

An amateur detective can only afford to behave like a gentleman in his spare time.

Dagobert Brown
She Shall Have Murder (p. 176)
by Delano Ames

Thursday's Quote (Nov 25):

D: They're good enough children and they have at least one virtue.
C: Indeed they have not, not one. It is a great disappointment.
D: They are none of them suffering from the distressing delusion that they are express trains.
C: That is something to be thankful for, certainly. But no positive good replaces the train. The virtue is negative.
MC: So many virtues are.

Dr. Davie; Dr. Courtney; Mrs. Courtney
Death's Bright Dart (pp. 15-6)
by V. C. Clinton-Baddeley

Friday's Quote (Nov 26):

Your mind seems to jump around in the most unregulated way, Jane.

Dagobert Brown
She Shall Have Murder (p. 178)
by Delano Ames

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