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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quote It! Saturday

Of course, this blog is devoted to quotes...but I just discovered a Saturday meme over at Freda's Voice called Quote It! So, here's today's quote with a link up to Freda's Voice:

Horace [was] never averse to a little bit of gossip with anyone--he collected sundry information in the same way that some men collected postage stamps.

Last Respects
(p. 37)
by Catherine Aird


  1. I know many people that are just like Horace, in fact, I think we all have a little gossip in us somewhere.

    Great choice for the meme, and thank you for joining in and linking up!

  2. Nice to see your other blog, I enjoy reading quotes.

    Great one on gossip.

    I love this one from your Love Men & Women quotes......

    Your heart often knows befor your mind does. **Polly Adler