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Monday, January 24, 2011

Quotes of the Days: Jan 23 & 24

Sunday's Quote:

Resentment and indignation are feelings dangerous to the possessor and to be sparingly used. They give comfort too cheaply; they rot judgment, and by encouraging passivity they come to require that evil continue for the sake of the grievance to enjoyed.

"Science & Scientism"
A Jacques Barzun Reader (p. 52)
by Jacques Barzun

Monday's Quote:

...he [James Agate] reads anthropology and learns that man's brain has remained unchanged in 250,000 years: "Nonsense! I do not believe that pre-historic man was the colossal idiot that his successor has demonstrably become."

"James Agate & His Nine Egos"
A Jacques Barzun Reader (p. 103)
by Jacques Barzun

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