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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quotes of the Days Feb 28, March 2 &3

Monday's Quote:

Personality is a very mysterious thing. A man cannot always be estimated by what he does. He may keep the law and yet be worthless. He may break the law and yet be fine. He may be bad, without ever doing anything bad. He may commit a sin against society, and yet realise through that sin his own perfection.

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde & a Death of No Importance (p. 261)
--Gyles Brandreth

Tuesday's Quote:

ACD: You live and learn.
OW: And then, of course, you die and forget it all.

Arthur Conan Doyle; Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde & a Game Called Murder (p. 49)
--Gyles Brandreth

Wednesday's Quote:

There's no fool like an old fool--you can't beat experience.

--Jacob M Braude

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