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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quote(s) of the Day(s)

Running behind again....

Tuesday's Quote:

...if she was aware that young men did things of which she could hardly approve, she had no complaint as long as they were kept out of sight. Appearance was all the reality a lady needed. She knew when not to ask questions.

Last of the Old Guard (p. 4)
by Louis Auchincloss

Wednesday's Quote:

...this vision enabled me to perceive the wide discrepancy between my immediate environment as my parents' social set saw it and as it appeared to me....But what I very importantly also perceived was that nobody wanted the general view corrected, even those who suspected its validity. It was sanctified by universal acceptance. People like it that way.

Last of the Old Guard (p. 8)
by Louis Auchincloss

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