A place where I can share the quotes that I have collected (and keep collecting) over the years. I have gathered them from all sorts of sources. The "Quote of the Day" posts will always be a quote from a book and may be on any topic.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quote(s) of the Day(s)

Life attacked rather fiercely yesterday, so I missed getting my quote up. Here is a quote for Monday:

When friends fall out, Miss Beigg, it must surely be one of the saddest things.

Miss Emily Seeton
Miss Seeton Rocks the Cradle (p. 85)
by Hamilton Crane

and for Today:

Someone, I suppose should know. But if I tell you, it will end our friendship. I'll trust you, but I won't want to know you any more. Which is a pity; the world is not that full of intelligent friends.

"Arrie and Jasper"
The Collected Stories (p. 53)
by Amanda Cross


  1. Bev, I just love that you post the bookcovers, too!
    P.S. I hope that everything is alright again!?!

  2. Nothing major wrong...it's just a VERY busy time at work and I came home exhausted last night. Got on to blog a bit, but didn't get everything done. Decided to relax on the couch and watch the more recent version of Rebecca (with Diana Rigg as Mrs. Danvers). That was fun!

  3. Happy to hear that it wasn't THAT SERIOUS - I mean: Nothing that would really kick you out of your ways.

    I am yet to see that Rebecca-version. I love that Joan Fontaine/ Judith Anderson/ Laurence Olivier version. So maybe I am spoiled for any other version.. ;")

  4. I do love the Fontaine/Anderson/Olivier version. Diana Rigg does have an interesting take on Mrs. Danvers. And this one stays more true to the book's ending. Overall, I liked it, but I prefer the Hitchcock film.

  5. In this case: I HAVE TO WATCH that version. :")